Maker Faire

I went to the Maker Faire for the first time today. It was really awesome. What a great event for tech enthusiasts and hobbyists. People are so talented, creative, and accomplished. While I was very inspired and amazed, I also felt a bit disappointed with myself because of how nooby I am.

I had a few opportunities to solder today which was a lot of fun. Did it three times. One small soldering activity took me an hour and I got a t-shirt from it. The people who gave it to me were from a non-profit called Engineering World Health. They had kits for people to solder called ESU’s (Electrical Surgical Units). It’s used to test the charge and current running through a surgical pen, which uses a current to cut open a patient instead of a blade. I soldered mine, tested it, and gave it to them, which they will send to third world countries to use for cheap. In return, I got a t-shirt.

And I also met David Pogue, a Technology columnist for the New York Times. He’s quite popular and in high demand. He also did an excellent series on NOVA called “Making Stuff.” He was a lot nicer than I expected, because often I feel that when I meet people who are somewhat popular to be somewhat rude and less attentive to people who want to talk to them. He was extremely excited while he talked to me and was very kind. Thank you Mr. Pogue!